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3 Step System Drives Completion for Novices and Pro’s Alike

Feel the Thrill of Completion in 3 simple steps. No Joke.

Have you ever wanted to get huge production tasks done in remarkable speeds?

Well, soldiers, yesterday I completed the confidential mission log for the UNIT 51 members and I gotta tell you the thrill of completion comes damn close to thrill of free fall at 12,000 feet with a parachute strapped to your back.

You don’t have to be world record holder, Captain Joe Kittinger, jumping from a whopping 102,800 feet to know the rush, either.

Sometimes all it takes is a small leap that ends in success to do give that thrill feel.

So, without airplanes and parachutes what about you – how do you get thrills everyday?

Have you been feeling the thrill of completion?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could do your best work day after day and love every minute of it?

What can you do in a week?

As noted In the UNIT 51 mission log, in just a little more than a week,  Solopreneur’s very own Upgrade Renegade was launched, all the graphic design completed, custom dev completed, exclusive UNIT 51 section completed, email list setup and roughly 7 blog posts and the 1st draft of nearly 5,000 words for the Role Fitting Guide completed.

All without direct boots on the ground help from any outsiders.  Yeah, ol’ HQ here can still get down and get scrappy to get stuff done when it’s needed.

What’s the secret?

I’ll tell you this, it aint super-human skills.

It’s all process, persistence, skills and heart – soldier.

I can give you the business building process, but you’ll have to bring the heart and skills on your end.

Follow this easy system.

Simple Three Step Action System with Go No-Go Decision Point:

  1. Know  then define
  2. Go then refine
  3. Circle back and stay on track

At each of the three steps stop for a decision point and ask yourself “Show or Let Go”, it’s that simple.

That’s it in a nutshell.

The three steps tell you the basic blueprint to cycle through the entire project at rapid speed.

It’s rapid speed because you trust the system to focus your activity and you stay focused on action not thinking about action or thinking about the next step, the system gives you the next step to act on.


Here’s a brief overview on applying the system.

Sky’s the limit on the best way to make it work for you specifically, but here’s some good starter intel.

Know Then Define

To get started with step 1 you ask questions like:

What is the purpose and reason for this (job/project/idea/business, blog post)? What sort of goals and timeline are acceptable? What exactly should it do or accomplish or provide? Who cares and why do they care? What’s the point and the direct benefit? What’s critical to achieve the purpose defined?

Boom! Now you know! You got the job outlined and defined.

Ask yourself, based on THAT intel, “Show or Let Go?”  If it’s good move forward, if not cut it and drop it or start over or get more specific.

Remember – it’s about acting and creating specific forward progress.

Go Then Refine

To go to step 2 you ask these questions:

What’s the 80% I can do (in 20% of the time) to get the rough idea midway through production? What’s the first thing I can do right now that moves me to the purpose? What are the bullet list of critical action items and the list of secondary / supporting action items to achieve the goal? What’s been done so far needs what else to be completed?

Now you just go.

Once you know the first few things, capture momentum immediately and don’t second guess.

Just go and then refine along the way, but move ideas into action now.

Get it all out to serve as your success list – get the items on the list done and you know you have all the things you need for success and you can measure anything new as critical or secondary or distraction based on the original concept here.

Once you’ve done that, ask yourself, “Show or Let Go?”  If it’s good move forward, if not cut it and drop it or start over or get more specific or reduce down to critical needs.

Circle Back and Stay on Track

To move to the final step ask these questions:

What’s a distraction or shiny object – can it be cut or eliminated? What’s in the way of a critical item being completed – is the item critical after-all? Can this ship now and be polished later? What’s missing that needs to be added to complete the picture?

So, “Show or Let Go?

Probably time to push it out, to “ship it” as Seth Godin says.  You’ll always be able to reiterate later and continue forward.

Progress is better than perfection.

This is how to write great proposals, how to research for SEO, how to design websites, and develop marketing strategy and nearly everything else that needs to get started and completed.

This system works.

Do it enough times and it becomes a habit instead of a system and once this is a habit, you’re a rollin ball of butcher knives that can’t be stopped! Hooah!

Keep in mind, as a solopreneur your time is more valuable than your bill rate because it’s never ever going to multiply, you’ve got it once to use and do something great with it.

So, use your time wisely and give yourself short-cuts to leverage your time to generate more value without requiring more time.  That’s exactly what this system does.

Put it in action. Sound off on your thoughts below!

See you in UNIT 51. Join the unit if you haven’t yet.


- HQ

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