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What is Upgrade Renegade Anyway?

Boots on the ground business intel you can use to win clients and grow your business.

The above translated as: From the trenches with real-world experience comes behind-the-scenes business information and insights that influence, develop, and attract clients you want inorder to grow your business, operations, capabilities and profits.

Doesn’t exactly have the same zing, but that’s the message.


There is so much cluttering the solopreneur’s mind. All kinds of congestion on what to do, how to do it, when to do it, why and so on and so forth. What tools to use, what to pay for or get free. What to model or what to create. What needs energy now versus later. And too much more to list.

Upgrade Renegade is specifically for digital professionals – web people.

Professionals who provide services like web design, web development, content creation, and web strategy / consulting that are looking to grow their business.

And I don’t mean they just want to have a pretty website and blog about it. I mean, they want to improve how they sale, how they offer services, how they organize their production efforts, how they deliver results.


Because there is a lot of options and distractions, Upgrade Renegade focus on things that can advance your solopreneur business. You apply the elbow grease and the effort and we’ll give you the intel you can use.

Your business is worth fighting for

Many times, all you need is direction and to know that someone’s got your back. The rest of it you can and will do yourself.

These people have determination and a desire to succeed and overcome obstacles.

These people will want to get involved in UNIT 51 where the troops gather, get fed good intel and can network with other like-minded people.

About UNIT51

Every good organization has a proving ground and training area. UNIT 51 is were we get more private and discuss deeper business matters. This is an ongoing area, a work-in-progress area where tools, content, and insights are being shared – including the tactical inner workings of Upgrade Renegade.

Everyone needs a place to level up.

UNIT 51 and Upgrade Renegade is the place where web focused solopreneur’s do it.

Positioning Bloopers

Iteration is king.
Content usually sucks.
Don’t wait for inspiration to come to you – work for it to manifest.

In other words, the things you do initially will need to be revised so do the first one so you can do the second one and so on. Do not expect your first pass to be right and don’t get upset when it takes work. Good stuff usually does take work. Positioning Statement / Final

Boots on the ground business intel you can use to win clients and grow your business.

Here are some failed positioning statements that lead to that final line:

  • Rise against incompetence and ignorance for a better world of web professionals.
  • Disrupt the normal, become a clear leader to your clients, accelerate your knowledge base.
  • The Upgrade Renegade heals ignorance and restores confidence. You apply the brain and elbow-grease, we’ll provide the instructions.

The point is to show you that normal people can dial things in to really have zing and appeal, but it usually requires focused effort and working through it.

Are you working through your position? Are you struggling with identifying your position?

Fresh Britches – Upgrade Renegade Says Hello World!

As you all know, when WordPress installs you get a free blog post! While it’s a kind gesture, “Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!” just doesn’t make for eye-popping content, now does it?

Fresh Britches!

Now, that’s a great first post title and Uprgrade Renegade is all about fresh britches, clean socks, and a nice  high’n tight haircut.

Here at we’re all about revealing the behind the scenes of success in business with real (read, practical and actionable) advice, guidance, systems and processes.

Upgrade Renegade Provides:
Boots on the ground business intel you can use to win clients and grow your business.

We are the only battle tested solopreneur training team on the web.  Which means, we’ve got real folks, running real businesses, serving real clients that are in the web consulting business.

This is not a blog about blogging.

This is an insider’s blog to other web consulting professionals.  This is the place where pro’s get more in-depth information and where new-to-the-business solopreneurs get the fast-track on the stuff that works and builds business.

So, even though we are still getting our troops assembled, expect great things.

Signup to UNIT 51 and be the first to receive private access to business building tools and information.

Yes, that’s a fluff statement, but we don’t want to over-hype this.

You absolutely can expect to see information on proposal writing (did you know there is a wrong way and a right way to do proposals?) and how to sort out your own business development process and of course a lot information about how you can do a better job (as in tools, info, guides) to represent real value to your clients and prospective clients.  As in, you’ll look more attractive to the customers you want.

The truth about all the crap out there:

So much of it is stuck in an echo chamber and too many people have drank the kool-aid on how to get rich quick online.

Things in the echo chamber continue to regurgitate across other blogs.

While some of this is ok, maybe even great, the truth is many of these folks have mastered the art of headlines and leadgen bait but haven’t actually conducted a client needs assessment, presented a $100,000 proposal for web services or connected a team of disparate freelancers to provide one complete service to a client they represent.

Upgrade Renegade intends to dig into what it takes to run a professional web business. Not just repeat what it takes to run a great blog or generate oodles of traffic.

UNIT 51 is about business building tools, equipping yourself for success and actually building your business. So, signup to that list. It won’t matter if you’re just getting started in the business or if you are a seasoned professional, you’ll both beneft.

Is it ok if we care about you?

That’s the question.  So long as we can care about you, you’ll be able to grow with the information we have to give.  You’ll also be able to tell us what’s got you stuck and we’ll try to address that too.

Join the UNIT 51 list right now.

Drop a comment or two, and let’s just get down to business.