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Four Success Tactics for Solopreneurs

Whoa! Be careful what you pitch to HQ! He’s a man of action and believes in getting things done.

This post is an example of his “make it happen” mentality.

In preparation for my first post here on Upgrade Renegade,  I sent him pic of a simple idea I had to express the four types of success strategies commonly used by solopreneurs.  I had no idea it would turn into this post and be live in less than 2 hours using HQ’s three step action system.

So, without a great deal of polish I present to you:

Four Common Tactics to Success for Solopreneurs.

1.  “Ground Hog Your Success”

Have a relentless effort on staying in motion.  Use a lot of energy and go here, there and everywhere.

This approach will get you results by moving forward, but will cost you in time and resources.  Common causes for deploying the Ground Hog Strategy include competing priorities or issues prioritizing in general as well as a desire to stay in a comfortable place (underground, busy busy busy) instead of out where the action is.

Use this strategy to your advantage by doing this instead of nothing.  Face with paralysis by analysis? Go ground hog and you’ll be closer to your goals than sitting like a stick in the mud.  Just don’t keep this strategy for prolonged periods!


2.” Bull Doze Your Success”

Have a relentless vision for a desired outcome or goal and blow through everything in your path to achieve the objective.

I see this all the time and the most common fallout of this approach is disturbed relationships with vendors, peers and even clients.  The no-stoppin-me-now approach is great for completion though.

Just be mindful of those around you.  They call it “stepping on toes” for a reason and deploying the bull doze strategy with a group can have frustrating effects.

Use this strategy to your advantage when working in small groups with specific and well defined tasks or when working 100% alone.  It’s a great way to move through a lot with dedicated focus.


3.  “Petition Your Success”

How often do you get calls, tweets and emails from someone asking for your help sharing, writing, facilitating or otherwise contributing to the success of something?  I’d say “all the time”, but perhaps that’s not true for everyone.  But, this is a common and successful strategy to get momentum.

This is often deployed at startups and early stages of products, sites, or services when the solopreneur starts relying upon their network of contacts for assistance.

This is also a common tactic when afraid, unsure, or unsettled about a business matter – use this with caution because this tactic can lead you the wrong direction quickly if you are petitioning from disinterested parties or folks who have no right to give you advice or help anyway.  In otherwords, asking the retired neighbor next door if your SEO packages look good and soliciting advice as to whethere you should offer them to your big client is probably not a good idea – wrong person to petition for your success!

Use this tactic to your success when needing visibility, quick feedback, or large scale momentum.  This tactic could also be core to your entire business strategy if it’s married to a cause or purpose that people can get excited and passionate about.


4.  “Inspire Your Success”

One of my personal favorite tactics is to become a rockstar! Love what you do and be infectious about it. Talk it up, be bold, be engaging and tell wonderful stories that intrigue others.

If you can do this to customers, peers, and clients, you’ll be a success.

Use caution though.  There are a lot of things that may inspire you, but not inspire anyone else.  Remember, no one cares about you, they just care about themselves so putting a lot of emphasis on you instead of the customer benefits, or the causes, or the big problems being solved will create a negative impact.

Use this tactic to your advantage by focusing on things that are motivational and exciting.  And if it is inspiring, rock it out! Don’t keep it a secret – people like inspirational stories especially if it hits an emotional chord.

One last thing in closing.

Every tactic and strategy you take has both a positive and negative element simultaneously.  You are rarely able to hit a perfect balance of win win win on all sides.  I hope I’ve been able to show you both the good and the bad of these four common solopreneur success tactics.

What do you think?

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