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Hired to Death – RFG 1

Part 1 of the Role Fitting Guide Series.

Hooah!  You got yourself a new client project.

As the client project shook your hand to start the work, you sighed with bitter relief.  You’ve got more client projects and it’s great to be getting more work even if it kills you to do it.

Which brings me to the children’s fable, “The Scorpion and the Frog.”

The basic story goes like this.

The scorpion is on a journey and decides he wants to cross a river and beckons a frog nearby to swim across the river while the scorpion rides on his back.  The frog questions why he would do this – scorpions kill frogs after all – and the scorpion assures the frog that he should do it because the scorpion cannot swim and they would both die should the scorpion attack the frog during the swim across the river.

Being sensible and understanding the scorpion’s logic, the frog agrees to help and the two perish mid-stream as the scorpion indeed attacks the frog. “Why”? The frog asks as the two begin to sink to which the scorpion’s only response is, “I could not help myself, it’s my nature”.

How’s that for being hired to death?

In business, if we approach the client project looking like a scorpion and acting like a scorpion, then that’s our role and the system will plug us in accordingly.

This literally means that it doesn’t matter how hard we try to act another way or be seen in another way, we are just a scorpion to the client project.

Now – one more time in plain business speak.

If you approach a client project looking like a designer, you’ll be treated like one – regardless how much consulting and strategy you offer – even if it’s wonderful work.  Throw in some great SEO too and it wont matter.  The client project sees you as a designer and you’ll be treated accordingly.

Your role is defined by you or the client and your now limited to that role within the business system.

There you go – “roles” in action and why the Role Fitting Guide is so damn important.

Now, the trick is to know your role and make it work for you, not against you.

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