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Positioning Bloopers

Iteration is king.
Content usually sucks.
Don’t wait for inspiration to come to you – work for it to manifest.

In other words, the things you do initially will need to be revised so do the first one so you can do the second one and so on. Do not expect your first pass to be right and don’t get upset when it takes work. Good stuff usually does take work. Positioning Statement / Final

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Here are some failed positioning statements that lead to that final line:

  • Rise against incompetence and ignorance for a better world of web professionals.
  • Disrupt the normal, become a clear leader to your clients, accelerate your knowledge base.
  • The Upgrade Renegade heals ignorance and restores confidence. You apply the brain and elbow-grease, we’ll provide the instructions.

The point is to show you that normal people can dial things in to really have zing and appeal, but it usually requires focused effort and working through it.

Are you working through your position? Are you struggling with identifying your position?

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  • Michael Procopio

    Was this all thru brainstorming or did you test the ideas somehow?