Series: Role Fitting Guide

Learn the roles you can play in business in order to win clients and become the Lion not the fat lazy Buffalo.

“Know your role soldier!”

Damn – I hated hearing that barked at me back when I was just a greenhorn learnin the ropes.

I mighta blown my top if it weren’t for the fact that I knew it was temporary.  But when you’re plugged into a system, all that pain, all that embarrassment, all that crap is bearable because you know where you fit and where you are going inside the system.

Ain’t no soldier able to argue the power of the system.

Who else has a proven program that’s guaranteed to tuffin you up and make you 10 feet tall and bullet proof?  Hooah!

But that’s a different thing all together.

You on the other hand, you aint in a system – are you?

You’re makin your system, or maybe you’re fed up with the system and that’s why you’re doin things the way you’re doin’em now.

But for sure, you’re free…

You’re free to do things your own way. Free to run, free to roam.

Hopefully you’re a lion hunting prey not a buffalo grazing near the edge of the cliff.

The Role Fitting Guide Series Includes:

  • You’re Role is Not What You Think It Is
  • You Are One of Five Roles At Any Given Time
  • You Define Your Role or the Client Defines Your Role
  • Your Role Determines Your Authority Within The Client Project
  • Build a Better Business by Knowing Your Role(s) and Deepening Then
  • Discover How Confused Roles Create Despair, Destruction, and Drama
  • Your Traits Mean More Than Titles or Roles
  • Revealing the Only Two Business Systems You’ll Ever Plug in to
  • Truth About Clients and How, Why They Treat You the Way They Do

The Role Fitting Guide is releasing as a series of posts.

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So the question now.

Are you a Lean Mean Lion, or Fat Lazy Buffalo?

I worry that you are the fat lazy buffalo not the lean mean lion.

Not because you don’t want to be the Lion, but because you don’t know your role in the hunt and it’s preventing you from focusing on your food source and hunting down your prey.

Instead, like a Buffalo, you think it’s about roaming around, being visible, being seen – and that’s good enough

But it aint like that.

When you’re the Buffalo, you’re just going through the motions spotting tufts of grass and moving place to place to get what you can while you can.  Definitely not the way hunting works.

So, to say this more directly – If you feel like you are floating around hungry and not sure how to get to real money, clients, jobs, paying work – whatever, then this is going to help arm you with some new tools.

Hopefully it’ll give you a new way to see yourself as the lean mean Lion who’s got plenty to eat. Perhaps, even eating one of those fat lazy Buffalo’s.

But anyway, it wont matter much where you are now – you can be a Lion and still learn something here.

The Role Fitting Guide is pretty straight forward.

It’s all about helping you learn the roles you can play in business in order to be the Lion not the Buffalo.

Here’s to happy hunting.

- HQ