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The Unknown Truth About Roles in Business – RFG 2

Welcome to part 2 of the Role Fitting Guide series, where we will now drill into roles as relate within the business system.

As you’ll discover while reading the Role Fitting Guide series, the information builds on itself bit by bit.

Your ability to take advantage of roles and leverage them for yourself and your business is important, so follow along closely.

Sure, you can scan and jump around.

But you’ll find that the compounding effect of reading in order of the series builds a clear view that sheds a whole new light on roles and the business system and how to exploit it for your gain.

Being Hired To Death, was the first in the series and it’s whole purpose was to illustrate the importance of roles and what happens when you play the wrong role.  It can be a killer.

Hopefully you learned that introducing yourself as the wrong role or allowing the customer to define your role can kill your business, project or both! Just ask the frog and the scorpion.

So, let’s build on that with the next section in the Role Fitting Guide Series.

Let’s talk about you and what you need to know.

These terms and key concepts below allow you to lock and load on the unexpected truth of roles.

You’ll be surprised to find that a simple idea of roles can actually be the foundation for how you do business and grow to new heights.

Hard to believe, I know.  You’ll see the picture become clear soon.

But first.

What’s a role?

A role, in this case, is the position you are playing in your business and in the business of your client.

You may or may not know your role at any given time.  That’s okay for now, but you should know soon – your business depends on it.

Your customer may not be able to tell what role you play in their business.

This is a bad thing because that means you may not know your role either and you definitely do not want them coming up with their own role especially when it doesn’t match yours!

Why do roles matter?

In business, especially a solopreneur’s business,  you need to know the five critical roles described in the Role Fitting Guide. If you have a misunderstanding of your role or a mismatch of roles, it can kill your business.

Roles determine the path of your business and your services.

Ultimately, this guide reveals how you can run the “system” of roles and be the lean mean Lion not the fat lazy Buffalo as described earlier.

How Are Roles Also “Systems”?

Roles get plugged into a system.  Roles can also change how systems work.

Picture the typical family roles for a moment.

Just like a parent plays the role of mom or dad, they are also relying on the parent / family system.  The actual way mom’s and dad’s work in real life within the family.

Picture the family as an illustration of the business and the mom or dad is an illustration of a role inside the business.

Continuing this for illustration sake, dad is playing the dad role, mom the mom role.

These roles are defined by their parents and the experiences they had as children and by peers around them who help them refine their role within the family system.

Think about that for just a second.  The role is defined by other parents and by other peers. Thus, the parent system is there to support the roles you play, but they are not new roles instead they are known roles with known expectations.

Dad’s talk to other dad’s about being a dad – and the system reveals itself.  The dad role in the family system means something different than the mom role and both of those are a part of the family system.

Not very often do the roles switch – generally speaking.

Roles can be downgraded by demonstrating unfit parenting skills or inability to care for kids.  Or the roles can be upgraded by becoming foster parents, grandparents, or specific care providers for special needs kids etc by demonstrating fit parenting and childcare capabilities.

Great dads are noticeably different than an unfit dad.

Business is the same way. 

The role you are playing – either your defined business role, or the client’s definition of your role – give us special access or limited access to the system of business depending on our role.

This is explained more later, but can you see how you are either fit or unfit with your role in the business system?

Is The Role Fitting Guide for me?

All Upgrade Renegade material assumes you already are (or fast becoming or deeply invested in becoming) a professional running a small business that focuses on digital services of some sort.

You’re probably self-employed, a solopreneur or trying to become one.

You’re doing work that matters (while probably working from home) for a limited number of clients, projects, or “gigs”.

You are a consultant, designer, developer, blogger,  strategists, SEO provider, content creator, or fit in the “web people” category know for doing  “web stuff” for a living. In short, you’re a solopreneur.

The Role Fitting Guide is specifically written for digital professionals to grow their business and win client projects.

What is a Client Project?

Depending on your business, you may or may not take on clients or projects.

Often designers and developers are looking for projects where as consultants and strategists are looking for clients.

As you read the Role Fitting Guide, just know that paying work is simply called “client project” – like client / project because that’s the easiest language to use that can apply to both types of people who need to know about these roles and how to apply them in applicable business situations.

A Few Business Assumptions.

Can we assume you provide some sort of “web service”?

Can we assume you want to earn paying work and are willing to advance your skills to do so?

Ok good.

The Role Fitting Guide also assumes you have a fundamental knowledge of business and accept responsibility for directing your business affairs, which includes earning client projects.

About Paying Work.

This whole guide is based on your responsibility to earn client projects no matter if you see yourself as a craftsman / worker or a service provider, consultant, speaker or whatever.

You alone must earn your client projects either directly in person or by the materials you create.

Perhaps you don’t see yourself in a sales role, but you definitely see yourself as being responsible for your business and your clients.

Win in Business.  Win in Your Business.

Because you want better clients, better projects and sanity in the way you run your business and how you service your client projects, you’ll want to be able to know and exploit roles.

Because you want to have a few tricks and a unique way to see the business world like no one else, you’ll want to know the five roles and how they allow you to lock and load within the business system so you can have more discipline, structure, and direction in your business building activities while winning the right client projects.

Why you want to be a Lion in Business.

Because lean mean Lion’s have a clear view of the prey and the lay of the land and  know how to catch even the biggest prizes and feed the whole pride with bigger feasts than they need to survive.

Because Lions have healthier businesses and no one wants to be a fat lazy Buffalo.

Because Lions are the king of the jungle, and that’s a damn fine role to play in the circle of life don’t you think?

The next post will show you why titles don’t matter but actions do.

You’ll also discover the five roles that matter in your business.

Happy hunting fellow lions.

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