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What is Upgrade Renegade Anyway?

Boots on the ground business intel you can use to win clients and grow your business.

The above translated as: From the trenches with real-world experience comes behind-the-scenes business information and insights that influence, develop, and attract clients you want inorder to grow your business, operations, capabilities and profits.

Doesn’t exactly have the same zing, but that’s the message.


There is so much cluttering the solopreneur’s mind. All kinds of congestion on what to do, how to do it, when to do it, why and so on and so forth. What tools to use, what to pay for or get free. What to model or what to create. What needs energy now versus later. And too much more to list.

Upgrade Renegade is specifically for digital professionals – web people.

Professionals who provide services like web design, web development, content creation, and web strategy / consulting that are looking to grow their business.

And I don’t mean they just want to have a pretty website and blog about it. I mean, they want to improve how they sale, how they offer services, how they organize their production efforts, how they deliver results.


Because there is a lot of options and distractions, Upgrade Renegade focus on things that can advance your solopreneur business. You apply the elbow grease and the effort and we’ll give you the intel you can use.

Your business is worth fighting for

Many times, all you need is direction and to know that someone’s got your back. The rest of it you can and will do yourself.

These people have determination and a desire to succeed and overcome obstacles.

These people will want to get involved in UNIT 51 where the troops gather, get fed good intel and can network with other like-minded people.

About UNIT51

Every good organization has a proving ground and training area. UNIT 51 is were we get more private and discuss deeper business matters. This is an ongoing area, a work-in-progress area where tools, content, and insights are being shared – including the tactical inner workings of Upgrade Renegade.

Everyone needs a place to level up.

UNIT 51 and Upgrade Renegade is the place where web focused solopreneur’s do it.

About H Q

HQ is the General of and directs troops in UNIT 51, the special forces section of the site. HQ is responsible for badass and making sure it happens often. Not usually described as fluffy or gentle, HQ doesn't care much for the color pink, the smell of honeysuckles or the size of your logo on your business card. He does, however, enjoy a great lecture, business non-fiction book and lively discussions on what makes business work. He smiles when it's necessary and thinks you'll grow up to be a fine soldier in business if you decide to get your head out of your ass and learn to use elbow grease. Prefers trained dogs to puppies, but sees the potential in everything except poodles and cats. Damn cats.